Cold Care Remedies

Aromatherapy Remedies for those times when you feel a little under the weather. They are offered in small containers that can be easily tucked in a pocket or purse.

Cold/Flu Chest Rub

A formulation of antibacterial oils, Cypress, Laurus Nobilis, Ravansara and Eucalyptus partner with Myrtle, Rosemary, Pine, Camphor and Hyssop to fight infection, open and soothe the respiratory system. Expectorants are highly regarded for their abilities to help restore the immune system... in fruity, therapeutic Olive Oil.
1 oz $20.00

Headache Oil

This cooling, refreshing mix of Peppermint, Spearmint, and Wintergreen work with Chamomile and Lavender to relieve and minimize the pain of headaches. Rosemary enhances mental clarity… in very light Apricot Kernel Oil. Note: Keep out of eyes.
1/4 oz roll on $10.00

Sore Throat Oil

The combination of Ginger, Marjoram, Chamomile and Geranium have a connection to soothing sore throats. Lemon and Thyme can help combat throat infections… in Jojoba and therapeutic Olive Oils. Note: Use topically not internally.
1/2 oz $10.00

Sinus Inhalant

This potent collection of expectorants, Elemi, Eucalyptus and Peppermint, clears sinus areas and works together with Cedarwood, Lavender and Helichrysum to help ease respiratory problems and fights infection… in Jojoba Oil Note: Do not put in nose.
1/8 oz $8.00

Herpes (Cold Sore) Oil

This serum contains the antiviral oils of Myrrh, Thyme, Lemon and Melissa, that can accelerate healing. Lavender, Geranium and Chamomile are esteemed for their anti-inflammatory qualities. Chamomile soothes inflamed skin and reduces redness. Clary Sage assists in minimizing itching… in light Almond, nourishing Jojoba, soothing ,healing Aloe and Vitamin E Oils. Note: Not for genital area.
1/2 oz $15.00