Medicinal Remedies

Therapeutic- Grade Essential Oils are used in these remedies, have been studied and are known to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-itching, antiviral, antiseptic properties. They are also purifying and analgesic. Note: Use topically (on the skin) only

Bath Formulas

Bathing can be a time for contemplation as well as cleansing the body and hydrating the skin by choosing the product best suited to your needs.

Facial Serums

With a little care, you can keep your face looking healthy. Using a light blend can protect the skin with only a few drops of oil gently applied to the face. Cleanse and tone the face in the morning and in the evening. Allow the skin to breath during the night.

Skin Care Elixirs

Skin Care Elixirs are formulated to repair, restore, nourish, revitalize, replenish and refresh skin.

Foot Care Blends

These blends are selected for their antiseptic and antifungal properties to assist with controlling bacteria that causes fungal problems and odors. They are refreshing for sore, tired feet. They have a conditioning effect as well as a comforting appeal.

Massage Oils

The healing power of touch can be enhanced by using essential oils in massage, carrying their restorative, detoxifying, regenerating effects to tissues and muscles. An emotional influence can awaken or calm the senses. Always massage toward the heart.

Cold Care Remedies

Remedies for those times when you feel a little under the weather. They are offered in small containers that can be easily tucked in a pocket or purse.

Sun/Outdoor Products

These formulas contain natural base oils and essential oils for sunbathing, protection from insect bites, relief of the itch of poison ivy. After Sun Oil restores and replenishes skin depleted by sun exposure and the sting of sunburn.


Sachets may be used to freshen linens and clothes. They make nice deodorizers for the car or to carry in a purse.

Other Potions

A concentration of aromatic essences in several formulas to de- stress, transform moods, revitalize, uplift and support memory.