Testimonials from my customers

             The Acne Oil is a wonderful product. I bought it for a teenager once and she wouldn't use it (at first) because it was an oil. It is not a greasy oil but a drying oil. I have bought this product for years and the good thing about it is... it not only clears up acne, it also heals other wounds, cuts, scrapes, small punctures, with the active ingredient, tea tree oil in it. The Acne Oil starts to work in as little as two days. Believe me, it works!     Judy 

             By the way, the Psoriasis Oil you made for Carl is great!        Becky 

              I have tried for 2 years to remove several warts from my hand, with no luck. My mother bought your Wart Oil  for me to try. Within three applications I noticed a visible difference. Now, four days later, they are almost gone.      Tira

              My friend loved the Christmas bag. She used the Lavender Lotion immediately. She said she will be visiting your site when these products are gone. The Christmas decor on the outside of the bag was special. Thanks so much! Mom loves the oil you made for her face. She put it on as soon as I brought it to her. Thanks, again!         Anne Salvati Looney  RN,CCRC

              ' Having diabetes, it is important to take care of my feet. I have received many of the Foot Care Products from Aroma-Remedies that have helped me care for my feet.'        Anonymous

               If anyone has dry hands or feet, Celia, who owns and operates Aroma-Remedies makes this incredible Lotion that is amazing! I am allergic to alot of lotions, etc., so I had Celia make me lotion for my skin and face and I also put it in my hair if it's dry. I have tried ALOT of expensive products and this is the BOMB!           Lisa Dye Hoffman

              After about 10 hours with a killer stomach flu, every rib in my body hurt. Thanks to Celia Brocklesby for her amazing Liniment, I am able to move without pain...  Whoohoo, you should patent this stuff!            Sharon Baker Altemus

               I easily get poison ivy. I applied the Poison Ivy Oil on the first day. The itching stopped immediately. I continued to apply the Poison Ivy Oil for 3 days total. The poison ivy was completely gone. I have tried many over-the-counter remedies and none worked. I will never use any other product for poison ivy than the Poison Ivy Oil I get from Celia. Great Stuff!             Therese  
               I am on my second bottle of Liniment. I work outside daily and use this after work, takes care of my sore muscles. Thanks for the great product.          Jay 

               I make several home visits to families daily and drive all over the county for my profession. Partically because we have a new baby at home and the medication I am on, I often have bouts of mild to moderate drowsiness. Driving a vehicle as part of your job doesn't mix with drowiness, The Wake Up Spray is fabulous! Wakes me up, refreshed instantly. I just re apply as needed (spray right on to my face), maybe two more times during my day. And it smells nice too!        Sara Rochester

              I have had psoriasis for years, so bad my fingers were always cracking and bleeding. I have been to different doctors and have tried many medications, nothing worked. About a month ago, my sister gave me some of Celia's Psoriasis Oil. My hands have completely healed! If I start to get a crack on my hands, I drop on some Psoriasis Oil. I am so happy to have found this oil. It is wonderful!
                                                                                                                                       Linda Hoffman
             My husband has a terminal muscle disease, has been on heavy narcotics for pain management. I have used Celia's products in the past with home care. They work. My husband is a chemist, didn't believe... oh, but he does now. Been using Aches and Pains Massage Oil. We rub it on and he feels pain free. Just ordered more, as he is saying, call Celia, we are getting low. So to ease his mind, I ordered three bottles. I am now using her Wart Oil. For some reason I have many on my hands. She instructed me on the use and time span. I'm very sure that they will be gone soon. Everyone needs to see her products, you will be amazed. Trust me!!!!            Sincerely,
                                                                                                                               Connie Baldwin Robinson
            I just want to tell you that I use the Bruise Oil. That stuff is great! By the next day, the bruise was starting to go away.  I'm sold on that!  
            I put some Sore Throat Oil on before I brushed my teeth. By the time I was done brushing my teeth, I no longer had a sore throat! Great stuff!                                           Therese Iiams

            I went to bed one night feeling great, woke up at 4:00 am unable to turn my neck. After 7 visits to the chiropractor and using various OTC products I sadly decided I would live with the pain. After trying Celia's Essential Oil Liniment, in 3 days, the pain was relieved! 3 more days and I was freely able to turn my neck without pain. My boyfriend also used this product on his arthritic thumbs with good results. I am a firm believer in this lady's knowledge and cost affordable products.
                                                                                                                                    Elizabeth Walterhus
            The Sore Throat Oil and Cold/ Flu Chest Rub helped me get through the flu! The Sore Throat Oil is something I will always keep on hand!